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Halco cleanroom lighting & light fixtures come in many different sizes and materials to fit your cleanroom needs; including flow thru troffers.
Suitable for cleanroom environments where ceiling space is limited and there are a large amount of lights.
Suitable for applications where there are space constraints due to HEPA Blower Units in the ceiling.
Suitable for standard cleanroom applications where cleanroom approved lights are needed.
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1LightingHow does the lighting fixture sit in the ceiling?A standard light fixture for T-Grid mounting will sit on the Grid. If your light fixture are being mounted to a hard ceiling you will need a flange mounted which must be specified.
2LightingDoes the lighting fixture need to be sealed or is it bolted into place?Normally the fixture will sit on top of the T-Grid.
11LightingDo the sealed troffers have a gasket between the door and the door frame?Lighting Troffers are Triple Gasketed.
12LightingIf lighting fixtures are mounted to a hard ceiling is a flange kit required?Lighting Fixtures come ready to be mounted to a standard T-Grid drop ceiling. If you would like a flange mounting please specify.
44LightingDo the tear drop fixtures have a universal BallastYes.
47LightingWhere are the gaskets located within the light fixture?There is a Gasket on the grid ,around lens, & around door.
48LightingWhat makes the light fixture clean room rated?It is tested by a cleanroom testing company and rated to class 100 .
49LightingDoesn't the .125 Acrylic Prismatic lens attract dust?Any plastic will attract dust. If you put a drain to ground it will discharge the fixture. Provide a braided wire between fixture and door frame. On the plastic. (RFI Shielded lens available) anistatic cleaner is also available
50LightingAre there different options for the lens?There are different options in thickness available. The .125 Acrylic Prismatic Lens is the standard.
51LightingDo you provide paper work that the light fixtures are certified to a certain?If requested certification can be provided.
58LightingWhat is the difference between a hinged and gasketed light fixture and a bolted light fixture?There is not difference in cleanliness, the hinged frame has easier access for maintenance.
76LightingCan the light fixture be clamped on to the T-Grid?The standard troffer sits on top of the T-Grid and does not have any clamps.
78LightingWhat is the lumen output for a K5-244? 
79LightingDo you ship bulbs for the light fixtures at customers request? 
85LightingWhat does ULC & CSA Stand for?UL = Underwriters laboratories. CSA = Canadian standards association.
107LightingDo you have alternatives to the acrylic lens?Yes
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