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ND = No Door  
Air Shower (1) way tunnel -Construction of 16ga white painted, air dried epoxy, in & out -OD 52”w x 156”l x 120”h -ID 36”w x 156”l x 80”h -Top blower box to have (2) 5 HP, 230/380V, 3 phase, 50 HZ, direct drive high pressure motor blower, developing 1800 CFM each to 4” sp, vibration isolated - (2) 24” x 24” x 12” 99.99% gasket seal hepa filter mounted in blower box - (80) PVC nozzles on walls & ceiling @ 6000 FPM each -Hinged & gasketed doors for motor / blower & filter on side or top of blower box -Internally mounted relay control system -No floor, ceiling mounted sensor for automatic start (first on thru starts the unit & it continue to run as long as the sensor is activated) -No doors -35% disposable prefilters in low wall mounted aluminum grilles -60 FC flush mounted fluorescent lighting -Unit shipped in (4) sections FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
OPTIONS: - door & frame (no controls or interlock, only there to maintain room pressure), - doors w/ interlocks & PLC control system, - static elimination with DC pulse bars & controllers, - magnehelic pressure gage, - export crating, - side mount blowers, - auto swing arms on both sides (operate independent of the control system), - auto swing arms on both sides (operate in conjunction with the control system),